2021 / 2022 School Regulations

These regulations apply to all full-time regular students of CALIFORNIA SCHOOL

  1. All students are required to attend their classes punctually. Late comers will be recorded. Morning classes start at 8:15 am and afternoon classes start at 1:00 pm. With effect from 7-September-2018 Senior students who reach School after 8:05 a.m. are considered late and may be sent back home. Similarly, Junior students reaching after 12:50 p.m. may be sent back home.
  2. No student may leave the school premises without the permission of a teacher or School Supervisor. You may go out during recess-time if the subject teacher gives you the Recess Pass.
  3. If any student becomes ill during the day, his parents will be notified by phone. Only upon their instructions will a student be allowed to leave school premises. School will contact the parents of any student who fails to report to class one hour after the commencement of the school day or 40 minutes after the recess.

Truancy is a serious violation of the School norms and the concerned students will be severely dealt with.

  1. All absentees will be required to produce a medical letter of explanation within 2 days of attending school again. Else, the absentee needs to bring one of his parents to School.
  2. Any student needing a casual leave (for the marriage of a family member, for instance) should submit a request letter to class teacher from his/her parents at least one week in advance. If leave is approved, the student will be informed and issued a holiday card.
  3. Excessive absenteeism is seriously discouraged. Except for medical grounds, a student accumulating more than 10 absent days in a School term will not be allowed to sit for School Examinations.
  4. California School does not take semi-annual fees, as is the practice elsewhere. All School fees must be paid monthly to the General Office or paid directly into the School bank account no. 6132800697 (Dah Sing Bank) by the 18th day of each month. Students may be temporarily suspended if School fee is outstanding as of 30th day of the month. A fine of $300 will apply to all such students. Students with outstanding school fees will not be presented to sit for IGCSE or International-AL examinations or allowed to take School Examinations. Students who want to postpone their fee for one week from the due date must give an acceptable request letter on or before 6-Sept-2021. Late applications will not be entertained.
  5. In the event of a typhoon signal no. 8 or a severe rainstorm signal being hoisted AND the broadcast of a school-closure message by the Education Bureau, the school will be closed. If in doubt, contact the SCHOOL at 2388-9844 / 9822 7549 / 2780 1709 or visit School website www.californiaschool.edu.hk.
  6. No eating or drinking in the classrooms. Any food brought into School must be finished outside. Students who bring chewing gum in school are required to pay a fine of $120 / each time.
  7. All students are required to strictly abide by the provisions of School’s Language Policy. For all communications use English only. See School’s Language Policy notice for full details.
  8. Students may not bring any pagers, walkman, smart phones, offensive magazines, video games, laser light or any other item deemed unnecessary for schooling by the Principal. Any such item UPON DISCOVERY will be confiscated. Some confiscated items will be discarded by the School. Others may be returned to the students through their parents. Mobile phones approved by the Head Teacher may be brought to School but must remain deposited at the General Office until the School Day is over, as determined by the Head Teacher.
  9. Summary expulsion of students apply in the following cases:
  • Positive confirmation of smoking
  • Behaviour deemed indecent by School authorities (e.g. fighting, etc…)

No submissions will be entertained. Students are strongly urged to refrain from activities that put them under the purview of this regulation while registered in California School. 

  1. Any student causing damage to School property will be required to cover the cost of replacement or repair. Do not rock the chairs. Always ask your teacher to switch on/off the Air Conditioner.
  2. The handbook of Junior students should be checked and signed by the Parents every day.
  1. Projects that are submitted late will be subject to mark deductions. Projects and TMA need to be submitted even if the student gets zero marks before examinations can be taken.
  2. School should be kept informed of any changes in Home Address, Telephone Number and other student particulars. Student records are always kept confidential.
  1. Students, who want to withdraw from school, should inform the school in writing stating the reasons of withdrawal at least one month prior to the date of leaving. Else, they will be responsible for the resultant costs. Last Fee Deposit can only be used to partially offset July 2022 fees.
  1. Californians’ class position will only be recorded in the School Report when there is a clear pass and the Grand Average is above 65%.
  1. All Californians are required to bear the expenses of the excursions. Excursions can involve expenditure from $30 to $100 each time.
  1. All students are required to observe the following dress code:
  • caps, ear rings, bands for boys, nail polish, lipstick, other make up are not allowed.
  • skirt must be 1” below the knees.
  • boys hair must be above the collar of the shirt and it should be short (5 cm) . Punk, prison style, etc. are not allowed.
  • hair must not be dyed. All students must have natural hair colour.

School Uniform





Plain white shirt half sleeves

Plain white shirt / blouse / kameez

(Sept. – 10th Nov.)

(15th Mar.- 10th Jun)

Straight navy blue flannel trousers

Black shoes

Navy blue trousers / salwar / skirt

Black shoes



Plain white shirt full sleeves

Plain white shirt / blouse

(11th Nov.- 14th Mar.)

Straight navy blue flannel trousers

Navy blue trousers / skirt

Blue jacket or sweater

Blue jacket or sweater

Black shoes

School tie

Black shoes

P.E. Uniform

White T-shirt supplied by School

White trousers

White rubber shoes

White School T-shirt / or kameez

White trousers

White rubber shoes

For P.1 -F.3 only

School Badge is obtainable from school Office for $30. School prefect/monitors may get their badges free.


***  The uniform is to be made from flannel material and not cotton denim.

***  Undershirt or singlet, if worn, must be white. You may be required to remove fancy undershirt or other ornaments.

***  Before the winter uniform starts students will be informed of the need to wear a tie.

21.       RATA students are exempt from some of the above regulations. Additional instructions may be issued to students by the School Principal from time to time.